Colonel Andriy Biletsky talks about the civilizational role of Rus’-Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation. Chigyrin, 2015.

Today you are going to the front. Today begins for you not a moment of preparation, but already a moment of the war that we have been waging for the last year. You must remember that this war has not been going on since 2014, it is a war of two civilizations, a war of Eurasia against Ukraine, which stands guard over Europe here. This is a war that began over a thousand years ago, the name of our enemy has changed, but our name has not. They were Khazars, Pechenegs, Polovtsy, Muscovy, now the Russian Federation, and we were, are and remain Ukrainians, Rusyns. You must remember that this is our chance to change this karma, in order to end this war in our generation, tearing apart and destroying the enemy, otherwise, this war will continue further, it will come to our children, grandchildren, descendants.

Now you will read the prayer of a Ukrainian nationalist. It has to enter into your soul, into your heart, this is the thing that needs to be enough for you to meet your death, if needed. Remember this in those difficult moments that you will have at the front. Remember that you are the descendants of dozens and hundreds of generations of heroes who go deep into our history. Kholodnoyartsev, warriors of the liberation struggle, the Cossacks of Khmelnitsky, the warriors of Svyatoslav and Knyaz Igor, the Scythians, all of them stood guard over our European civilization against wild Eurasia.

I believe in you, I believe in your victory, Glory to Ukraine